You’ve decided to renovate your home. Whether you are simply changing a kitchen or bathroom, finishing the basement, or building an addition, it’s smart to order a home inspection before beginning the work. It may seem like an extra cost that you don’t want to spend ahead of your renovation, but consider these reasons to order an inspection before remodeling.

Learn About Potential Material Hazards

You may be renovating your home because it is older and you want to update the look or functionality. Keep in mind that older houses were often made from materials that are now known to be unsafe.

Lead in paint and asbestos in insulation, tiles, and shingles are some examples of materials used up until the 1980s. When disturbed, the dust from these materials is very dangerous to breathe. Have your home tested for lead and asbestos before starting the project. If the materials do contain either of these, you’ll need to take proper mitigation measures to keep the area safe.

Inspection Before Remodeling: Can the Home’s Systems Handle an Addition?

The HVAC system, circuit panel, septic tank, and foundation all have limitations about what they can support. If you are adding significant square footage, another level, or more bathrooms, the capacity of these systems may need to be adjusted. Order an inspection to learn what steps you may need to take.

Existing Structural Issues May Need to be Addressed First

You don’t want to replace everything in a kitchen or bathroom only to find out that the structure supporting it is unsound. Fix structural issues before starting a renovation or you may end up having to backtrack on your work.

An Inspection Before Remodeling Helps You Set Priorities

If you have an idea of how you want to improve your home but are still trying to decide what to change and what to leave alone, an inspection might help you decide. Learning about the condition of the existing building helps you figure out which improvements will be the best investments.

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