Moving can be stressful and challenging, especially with kids. Most people understand the how-tos of moving but can always benefit from extra advice. Use the following moving tips for families in your plans to help it go more smoothly.

Moving Tips for Families: Plan Ahead

Waiting until the last minute to pack causes unnecessary stress. Every move requires at least a few weeks of planning. Start sorting through drawers and closets, tossing out or donating items that are no longer useful or needed in your household.

Additional plan-ahead strategies that minimize moving day headaches include:

– Determine your moving budget well before making further plans. Stick as closely to this amount as possible.
– Gather your moving supplies in advance. Quality boxes and supplies reduce accidents and mishaps during the move.
– If you decide to hire movers, schedule their services well ahead of time so that you can be sure to get on their calendar.

Assign Everyone a Job

Keep kids occupied by assigning them jobs. Choose an age-appropriate task for the kids. One job might be taking care of your pets in a separate room or refilling water bottles and serving snacks.

Kits for Kids

Put together kits to keep the kids busy. Pack juice boxes, snacks, toys, coloring books, and other items to keep kids from getting bored and cranky. With these items easily accessible, kids are less fussy while the move takes place. Also, pack a bag with changes of clothes and toiletries for everyone in the family. You’ll want to easily find these things once you arrive at your new home.

Don’t Stress

Stressing over the small stuff only makes everyone on edge. Expect at least one or two things to go awry during your move. Go with the flow and anticipate the unexpected. Don’t stress things that you cannot change or allow them to ruin the day. When you are laid-back and calm, your kids will be, too.

One of the Most Important Moving Tips for Families: Hire Professional Movers

Of the moving tips for families, this one is perhaps most important. Movers bring the tools, equipment, manpower, moving truck, and expertise for the move. They will lift all the heavy furniture and place it where you want in the new home. Enjoy sitting back and letting the pros handle the most taxing part of your move.

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