Whether you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly or lower your utility bills, there are effective ways to reduce cooling costs in your home. While you can make these changes anytime, they’re going to be most effective during the hottest months of the year. Here are a few tips to lower your summertime power bill.

1. Use Blinds and Curtains to Reduce Cooling Costs

When sunlight enters your house, radiant energy heats the interior. By keeping the blinds closed during the day, you keep your house cooler. Blinds and curtains keep out sunlight and prevent your home from absorbing unwanted heat. Install blinds or curtains, especially on windows that face the sun. Close them during the day to block the sun and you’ll notice lower cooling costs.

2. Install a Smart Thermostat

There’s no need to cool your home when no one is there. Purchase and install a smart thermostat to control the temperature indoors. Program the thermostat to turn the air conditioning off when you’re away and then return the house to a cooler temperature just before you return home from work.

3. Schedule AC Maintenance

You wouldn’t set out on a long trip without making sure the car was in good shape. Likewise, start every spring with air conditioning maintenance and an inspection. Having a trained technician look at the air conditioning system helps to prevent problems and keeps the unit running efficiently. Hire an HVAC pro in the spring so your air conditioning won’t break down during the heat of the summer.

4. Reduce Cooling Costs by Planting Shade Trees

Adding trees to your property is a strategy that will be more effective in the long term. Trees block sunlight and shade your home, keeping the temperature naturally lower. Choose fast-growing trees and plant them on the east and west sides of the house. Providing shade to these areas will help to lower your cooling costs in the future.

5. Use Fans

Ceiling fans and/or window fans circulate the air inside creating a wind-chill effect. In the summer, set your ceiling fans to rotate in a counterclockwise direction. This makes a room feel several degrees cooler, without adjusting the thermostat.

Pay attention to your energy and cooling costs during the summer. A slight adjustment of a degree or two to the thermostat won’t be noticed by most family members and will save you money on the power bill.

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