Spring has arrived and before you know it your family and friends will be asking to use the pool. Assuming you closed your pool properly last fall, you’ll only need to tackle a few tasks to get the water ready. Here are a few important steps for springtime swimming pool maintenance.

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Clean Up

Keeping the area around your swimming pool tidy is essential for pool maintenance. When spring arrives, sweep the pool deck to remove tree branches, leaves, pine needles, pebbles, and other debris that accumulated in the area.

Prune trees and shrubs near the pool to remove dead or damaged branches. Trim away foliage that overhangs the pool. This will reduce the number of leaves that end up in the water and make cleaning the pool easier.

Wash the Pool Cover

Drain water from the pool’s cover using a siphon, wet/dry vacuum, or pump. Rinse the cover with a garden hose to flush away debris before removing it. Next, use a cleaning product formulated for the cover to remove dirt and mildew.

De-Winterize the Pool

If you properly winterized your pool, you’ll need to reverse the process. Remove winterizing plugs and antifreeze from the system. Reinstall the pump and filter.

Replace the Filter as Part of Your Swimming Pool Maintenance

Depending on the type of filter and the amount of pool usage, you’ll need to replace the pool’s filter cartridge every few years. Spring is a great time for this task because it sets you up to start the season with a new cartridge and sparkling clean pool.

If it’s not time to change the cartridge, remove it and clean it thoroughly. Inspect the filter for damage. Look for rips in the fabric and/or cracks in the end caps of the cartridge.

Add Water

It’s recommended to drain the water to a level below the skimmer when you close the pool for winter. When spring arrives, one of your tasks will be to refill the pool. Use the garden hose to raise the water to its normal level.

Springtime Swimming Pool Maintenance: Treat the Water

After being stagnant through the winter, the pool water will need to be treated to sanitize it. Test the water and add chemicals as needed. At the start of the season, shock the water with chlorine. You might also add a water clarifier, stain inhibitor, and algaecide.

Make Repairs

Take the time this spring to inspect the pool and its components for damage or wear. Examine the tiles for chips or cracks. Check ladders and handrails and make sure they’re securely fastened. Call a pool and spa specialist if you notice problems or safety concerns.

Summer is just around the corner. With a few maintenance tasks, your pool will soon be in great shape and ready for friends and family to enjoy.

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