Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times to gather with family and friends, however, more activity and cooking means more potential for accidents and injuries. To keep your family and guests safe this holiday, follow these Thanksgiving safety tips.

Thanksgiving Safety in 2020

The CDC is recommending that if you plan on getting together with people this year, to hold only small Thanksgiving gatherings due to COVID-19. Larger gatherings put more people at risk of contracting the virus, especially if people are traveling from different states.

If the weather allows, set up your Thanksgiving dinner table outdoors. Preventative measures like wearing masks and washing hands frequently will also help protect people at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Cooking Safety

Cooking a big feast poses more risk than cooking a simple dinner. You may have many entrees and sides cooking all at once and are using different cooking appliances. Make sure at least one adult is attending the kitchen at all times when food is cooking. Otherwise, something could burn or catch fire. No one wants to have to call the fire department on Thanksgiving or any day.

Keep flammable items like paper towels, napkins, and cloth towels away from the burners on the stove. Wipe away grease that has spilled in the oven or on the stove as it is also flammable. Tie back long hair and apron strings, and roll up long sleeves. You don’t want anything dangling into the flame on a gas stove.

Thanksgiving Safety with Candles

Candles are often used during holiday celebrations to create a cozy ambiance. As with any open flame, candles create a fire hazard, especially if kept within reach of children. With all the commotion of the holidays, it is easy to forget about lit candles.

One simple and inexpensive Thanksgiving safety measure is to replace wax candles with battery-powered LED flameless ones. You’ll get the same flickering light with no danger to your property.

Use Caution Deep-Frying a Turkey

Every year, people get third-degree burns from deep-frying turkey incidents at Thanksgiving. While it is a good idea to bring the party outside this year, use extra caution if you decide to cook your bird with this method.

Move the fryer into an open, level area of the yard instead of on a deck or porch. Wear mitts on your hands and safety goggles to protect against splattering hot oil. The turkey should be thoroughly thawed and dry before dropping it in the fryer basket for cooking.

While this year’s Thanksgiving may look different from years before, you can still enjoy eating good food with your loved ones with a few extra precautions. Practice these 4 Thanksgiving safety tips to have a responsible and safe holiday.

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